2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV Specs And Price

With a name and a tradition that probably refers to the most beautiful Alfa ever made. The matte This Giulietta will have no difficulty to steal glances and impressions.

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2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV  History Highlight

The 2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV and its  green four-leaf, on white background triangular, has a history of nearly a century. Since 1923 when the driver of Alfa Romeo Ugo Sivocci staved off the constant misfortune. It painted the mask RL that would be in the famous Targa Florio.

Miraculously won the race and so the patented four-leaf good luck to accompany the racing team.

A few months after the victory of participating is testing a P1 in Monza went off the road and lost his life. This car, the engineer Giuseppe Merosi, not brought the four-leaf. However, since then it will never come out from the wings of racing Alfa.

Nowadays accompanying separate versions of Milanese brand, to remind us of the glorious past, but to our highlights special.

This happens with this elegant Alfa, which among other things includes aluminum sills, QV logos, sports suspension, dashboard insert dark aluminum, sports leather steering wheel, aluminum sport pedals.

Trimmed with known Italian finesse, charm both inside the taste, and with its excellent image.

2015-alfaromeo-giulietta-QVline- Specs

2015 alfa romeo giulietta qv review,

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV  Engine and Specs

2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV engine’s technology Multiair 1.368 cubic centimeters and 170 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and DNA-management system, is a modest proposal that combined with the good of the setup and of course its appearance, winning driver. Positive, that is equipped with mechanical 6ari box.

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2015 Alfa Romeo Giulietta QV  Price

Barrier will be a high sale price, as the 24.000 €, as price is nowadays enough money for 1,400 ml, Of course these acquire a 2015 Alfa Romeo Giuletta QV line accompanied by a great history.

alfa romeo giulietta qv 2015,

alfa romeo giulietta qv 2015 review,

2015 alfa romeo giulietta qv,


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