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Bentley has unveiled last year the Bentley GT3-R. It came with all-wheel drive, although many had a new drive expected, according to the principle engine front and rear wheel drive.  Now it wants to pursue a “more extreme” Bentley concept. Thus, in the next year, Bentley sees the light of the world, just fills the gap and that was the first sports car brand (in the current age) with rear wheel drive.

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Based on the current Bentley Continental GT, Bentley will create something more extreme than the GT3-R. Rolf Frech, Bentley chief engineer, confirmed that many have expected from the GT3-R comes to the market with rear wheel drive. However, due to lack of time and in terms of the GT3 race car use, this had not been possible. The concept, as many expected, was there with the engineers, so now it being implemented.

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For the engine, Bentley wants to put on a new version of the 4.0-liter V8 twin-turbo, the case that should be placed on the 580 hp of the GT3-R. More interesting is what Bentley has with the weight before. This is the first time fall below 2,000 kg, with 200 kg weight saving compared to the GT3-R alone by switching the drive almost half.

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The VW group has at least theoretically access to some lightweight materials. it is questionable whether this handy so easy. How much of the racing car will cost for the road or even how many there will be is still unknown. The British believe that there is even less than the limited edition of 300 pieces GT3 R will be. As for the price, it should probably come close to  € 400,000.

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