2015 BMW 7 Series 760i G11 with V12 twin-turbo tailpipe

2015 BMW Series 760i G11 V12 twin-turbo tailpipe

BMW 760i and BMW 760Li G11 G12 for 2016: The tailpipe design of exclusive top models with V12 twin-turbo is ahead of schedule to view configurator

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2015 BMW 7 Series 760i G11 ‘s fans should be prepared for surprises. After our contributor had entered the luxury sedan before its official world premiere in part, there are now more pre-information of the involuntary nature: At the rear of a configured with M Sports package 730d the tailpipes of the next top model BMW 760i G11 and BMW 760Li G12 resplendent.

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Although the range of 2015 BMW 7 series 760i G11  engines currently ends officially with the 450 hp BMW 750i / 750Li, however the above positioned flagship 760Li with V12 twin-turbo is an open secret. As before, the twelve-cylinder also borders in the new generation with a self-tailpipe design of the weaker models from:

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The additional bridge in the trapezoidal tailpipes gives the impression of an exhaust system with four tailpipes, but the BMW 760i in 2016 remains relatively discreet and likely without model designation at the rear fall only connoisseur’s eye.

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2015 BMW 760i G11 adopt Rolls-Royce V12

2015 BMW 7 series 760i G11 As it is reported previously, the new V12- 7 series will use the famous Rolls-Royce Ghost and Wraith V12 twin-turbo no longer with a reduced displacement. Just like the luxury slider from Good wood and BMW 760i and 760Li are about 6.6 liters of displacement feature.

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The twelve-cylinder is already offered in the Rolls-Royce Wraith with 632 PS, but also in more luxurious than sporty 760i positioned cracking the 600 hp mark, remains to be seen. It is certain that the internally called N74 engine for use in the new BMW 7 Series is once again thoroughly revised and thereby to be much more economical.


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