BMW M4 Safety Car: Power Plus by water injection

BMW M represents the vehicle fleet MotoGP this year. The BMW M4 MotoGP safety car here last weekend with “innovative water injection” on the route. According to BMW engineers this should have increased the output of 431 hp / 317 kW result, how much exactly, but is not known.

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According to BMW, due to the water injection move the thermally induced power limit upward. Currently, this is tested in MotoGP (Safety Car), a production model is using in the near future, the water injection into itself.

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The new water injection, the physical effect of the water is used to draw the requisite energy from the ambient medium during evaporation. The water injection function as a fine spray into the collector of the intake module, it provides during evaporation for cooling the intake air.

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This reduces the compression temperature in the combustion chamber and thus the tendency to knock, so that the turbo engine can be operated with a higher boost pressure, and an earlier ignition timing. By the lower processing temperature results in a lower amount of contaminants, in particular the nitrogen oxides (NOx). The result is an increase in torque and power at approximately constant consumption and emission values

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BMW M has always stood for technological innovation, and we are pleased to present the innovative water injection this year a new highlight. When it comes to lead a field of powerful racing prototypes safely through all conditions, technology from motorsport and innovative ideas are essential. This is exactly what BMW M – and the new water injection is just one example. “- Frank van Meel, CEO of BMW M GmbH

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