New Ferrari 488 GTS Release in Late 2015

New Ferrari 488 GTS Release –  The most prestigious, the sexiest or the taught are such names are given to the phenomenal sport car on the earth Ferrari. So, no wonder the small issue about it will be big news in the whole world of car’s lovers. In the year of 2015 Ferrari also has interesting issue especially on its version of the  488 GTS.

Dutch media learned from sources close to Ferrari that the open version of the 488 GTB reasonably be called 488 GTS, will be officially presented at the Frankfurt fair, next September 2015.

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New Ferrari 488 GTS Specs

New Ferrari 488 GTS Release – Naturally, the 488 GTS will borrow the powertrain of the 488 GTB meaning it will move by the same twin-turbo V8 of 3.9 liter that delivers 670 horses and 760 Nm of torque. Given that we do not know the weight of GTS, we expect the performance to be either identical -3 seconds for the 0-100 and a top 330 km / h- or slightly worse. Please also note that a prototype of the 488 GTS, we have seen and heard to move outside the factory of Ferrari, in early May.

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New Ferrari 488 GTS Release Rumor

New Ferrari 488 GTS Release – Apart from the open 488, the same sources said that the Italian company prepares and hardline version of the model. As usual in these versions, the weight will fall, the horsepower will go up and the body will wear a more aggressive bodykit. At this point, we do not know when to release the 488 Scuderia -CYT course if so named, GTO anyone? Listening stoichimata-, but we do not believe that will be launched before 2017. anyway, there are many possibilities from the marketing point of view. let’s see what happen on the late of this 2015.

Ferrari 488 GTS

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