2016 Subaru BRZ STI Concept Performance

Subaru plays with the dreams and hopes of what all GT-owner ping-pong is. On the New York International Auto Show (NYIAS) the Subaru BRZ STI presented its concept performance. The model is exactly the most GT / GT86 drivers would want to date yet. Under the hood it developed the racing engine stuck in the BRZ GT300. In other words, it is a turbo boxer engine.

subaru brz sti for sale

Unfortunately, accurate power rating by Subaru missing to accept something around 300 hp (450 Nm). On April the Subaru concept car are finally answered. The wider track, air intakes, carbon parts, like the rear wing has the BRZ STI performance concept borrowed from race cars. Chassis and steering are designed for track day use and the effect also optimized.

subaru brz sti side skirt

The official statement of Subaru says almost nothing directly from the car, only “aftermarket” parts could be on sale later. Currently there are some parts that were used in the Performance Concept, already for about a year in the Japanese market available for purchase (JDM). The BRZ STI performance concept as a whole has, besides, very little to zero chances of series production. For now the tuning-parts market is to be extended to the United States.

subaru brz sti front lip

From the economic point of view, to makes an STI version with the current model for a small manufacturer like Subaru does not make sense. However, Subaru schedule to develop a new STI version (about 2017-2018).

subaru brz sti 2015

subaru brz sti 0-60

subaru brz sti specs

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