2016 Ford GT – Supercar, Pricing, Specs, Engine

2016 Ford GT – If you’re sorting out an ideal sports automobile then we should always tell you to attend for consecutive year and therefore the newest Ford’s supercar, the powerful 2016 Ford GT.

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2016 Ford GT Design

At the 2015 Motor City automotive vehicle Show Ford has finally unconcealed its beautiful supercar, the powerful 2016 Ford GT. simply like each new model, the new Ford GT has suffered each exterior and interior changes so as to enhance its performances and body look. Ford’s engineers have improved its mechanics potency by crafting each surface to manage flow. However, there area unit still some active parts sort of a rear spoiler that improves handling and braking. so as to allow the new GT even additional slipperiness windshield has been sinusoidal too. to enhance potency, engineers have used light-weight materials as well as carbon fiber and metallic element.On the side of the vehicle headlights are united and supercharged with the most recent diode technology. The grille is currently wider moreover because the tires. On the rear half we’ll see new rounded and larger taillights. of these exterior changes can create this supercar look even additional aggressive and muscular than before. If we have a tendency to take a glance within the cabin, we have a tendency to won’t notice several common characteristics with different Ford’s spotr cars. it’ll go together with a singular power-assisted steering and a contemporary dashboard . Interior of the new GT has been equipped with the most recent commonplace and safety technology options like New Navigation system, Google Map, larger LCD, rarview camera, new electronic equipment and plenty of additional. The wheel is Formula one galvanized.

2016 ford gt engine

2016 Ford GT Powertrain

The new 2016 Ford GT shares identical engine architecture found within the IMSA Daytona prototype endurance racer. This new performance motorcar below the hood is supercharged with a ultra-efficient three.5-liter twin-turbocharged Ecoboost 6-cylinder engine. Ford claims how this emu is capable to supply quite 600 horsepower. This powerful EcoBoost engine comes paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission.

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2016 Ford GT Rating And Unleash Date

According to the sources the new 2016 Ford GT can hit the market in late 2016. The new GT is predicted to price around $ 400,000.

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