2015 Honda Civic Type R, Changes

2015 Honda Civic Type R, Changes  – The 2.0-liter turbocharged engine of the Honda Civic Type R is not quite crack the 300hp The only question is how it affects the power of the i-VTEC on the front axle. Furthermore, the goal to be the fastest lap time and the calculation can succeed if the technology fits. Even if the use of a turbocharger for a Type R model is something new, it remains with the manual transmission – six courses in number – at this point at least faithful. An automatic will not happen.


The estimated sprint time of 100 km / h for about six seconds is still unconfirmed. The new front, along with a new spring-shock sets up to fix it. It is designed to leave less transfer drive torque directly to the steering, so that the force is clearly transmitted to the wheels. New and more or less pegged to the “+ R Mode”. By pressing the button on the steering wheel the Civic Type R will be “sharper, smoother.” The response of the motor is changed,, the turbo gets short-term boost and gives a better steering feedback.

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The new model also comes a new and better damper system so the front and rear shocks can adapt to the current driving conditions. At lower speeds, the damper will automatically be something soft to represent some comfort. Change also shows on the mode of operation that the dampers are changed as well slightly stiffer and harder.

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A more extreme version of the Honda Civic Type R would probably not impossible if you believe the official Honda. Chief Engineer Hisayuki Yaga gave at the Paris Motor Show award that one is probably already prepared to follow Renault Seat or who over the years always had shown the “wilder” versions of their Hothatches. If the demand is there, then also Honda would rather consider it.

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“The Type R is already a very special, extreme version. We have been pursuing the ultimate performance. But of course technically everything is possible, DEPENDING ON customer demand. If there is a big noise in the marketplace Requiring even more extremthis is something we might consider, even though at the moment it is not in planning. “- Hisayuki Yaga

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But there’s more, if you listen to him so it sounds as if it was not just an idea, but the prototype is ready and you just waiting that demand is finally here.

“Reducing weight is one measure we could think about. It would be like creating a race car from a road car. But it’s not just stripping off weight – we could use technology to do this too. Our intention is to exceed the performance of our Competitors and the car are not developed just for track use. That Could be from a standing start, in-gear acceleration, a lap time on and everything “- Hisayuki Yaga

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He also say something about the engine characteristics of the Civic Type R, despite the turbocharger continue to behave like a classic Honda VTEC.

“The turbo is just a tool, a measure to achieve certain performance. It’s not just an engine with a turbo unit. It is a Honda VTEC engine with a turbo unit on top. The characteristics will not be spoiled by the turbo. It will have the ultimate performance we have ever created in a Type R without spoiling the traditional DNA. “- Hisayuki Yaga

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Similarly, it is right to say that there will be no combination of the Civic Type R. It is not just because this would have no chance in the BTCC Touring Car Championship. He personally sees the Sports Tourer not as Type R model.

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