New 2019 Ram 1500 better Engine, Body, Specs

The new 2019 Ram 1500 most significant is about engineering style, because the new Ram scrambled to jump out ahead in the aluminum-bodied Ford F-150, the brand new Chevrolet Silverado 1500, as well as the almost-as-new Nissan Titan. Even as the entire body was strengthened, fat was lower out in new and ingenious methods, and gasoline mileage was pushed up with new technologies. The truck is actually a techie’s delight, with care taken in parts usually ignored and a clear methods technique during.

new 2019 Ram 1500 engine

The auto are larger, the frame is lighter, more substantial, and more powerful, and you will discover surprises throughout – together with 360° view and a 12-inch center display (on higher trims), rear cross path warnings, automatic parking, and less-fancy “you’re almost in the end of your space” warnings. Mostly, although, it looks as if engineers looked at just about every single element of their truck and asked what could possibly be produced superior for drivers and owners – as an alternative to just what would make it promote additional effortlessly.

New 2019 Ram 1500 Engine

Not every person will enjoy what Ram has completed under the hood of new 2019 Ram 1500, but we can not argue together with the solution for approximately 10% far better fuel economic system and much more responsiveness, at tiny expense.

eTorque is really a mild hybrid formulated from the Chrysler side, which replaces the alternator by using a generator that could double being a motor. The Ram powertrain is now based on a 48-volt program, and offers a lot quicker stop-start also as regenerative braking. Also to improved economy, the system gives some extra torque when it’s required most – during a launch and when the transmission is shifting.

The technique relies on an air-cooled 330 watt-hour lithium-ion Nickel Manganese Cobalt battery; the generator both keeps the battery charged, and converts electrical power to 12 volts for accessories, the standard 12V battery, as well as the traditional starter, which can be utilized for cold starts. The huge battery is cooled by dual fans.

eTorque adds torque towards the crankshaft during gear adjustments to cut back noise and vibrations, and add some responsiveness to the powertrain. The motor/generator is distinctive about the two engines: the V6 model is liquid cooled and in front of your engine, whilst the Hemi one particular is air-cooled and “where the alternator was once.” Each use two belt-tensioners with an eight-rib belt.

eTorque does not include on the power ratings; the V6 stayed at 305 hp and 269 pound-feet of torque, on typical 87-octane fuel, when the Hemi stayed at 395 hp and 410 pound-feet. Buyers of most configurations can get the V6, even with four wheel drive and Crew Cab; and also a Hemi devoid of eTorque is accessible on reduce trim levels and fleet autos but there’s no eTorque-less V6.

The Hemi’s cylinder deactivation procedure working zone was enhanced, thanks to lively vibration dampers to the frame and Active Noise Cancellation while in the cabin; that delivers a different 0.5 miles per gallon (mpg) on the highway. The program operates amongst 1,000 and 3,000 rpm whilst continuing to enable V-8 power for acceleration and hefty loads. Changing the previous 400-watt electric/mechanical hybrid fan with an 850-watt electrical fan lowers noise and permits extra precise pc handle.

new 2019 Ram 1500 exterior side

Two extra efficiency measures: the procedure that cuts fuel although coasting or braking now works in all gears, rather then getting restricted to to start with and 2nd; and changing the consumption to encounter forward implies cooler air planning to the engine.

The new 2019 Ram 1500 meets ULEV70 emissions laws through revised computerized powertrain controls and upgraded emissions hardware (together with a lifetime-use, no-maintenance hydrocarbon adsorption filter to reduce evaporative emissions.)

It’s eight speeds for nearly all people now; the V6 employs an FCA-made TorqueFlite 850RE, even though the Hemi employs an upgraded ZF 8HP75, each obtaining pretty similar types and identical ratios, and with 40 individual shift maps. The eight-speed has been upgraded with fat reductions and sturdiness upgrades.

eTorque cars possess a hydraulic pressure accumulator for instant response right after stop/start.

The thermal management method has expanded past applying heated coolant to warm transmission fluid and engine oil, now working sizzling coolant by means of the rear axle lubricant on RWD trucks. First priority goes to your passengers, depending on the HVAC setting; but then a valve sends coolant towards the rear axle, warming the gear oil so the axle has significantly less resistance and it is additional sturdy (especially during cold-weather hauling and towing).

new 2019 Ram 1500 interior space

New 2019 Ram 1500 Interior and Features

The new 2019 Ram 1500 now boasts Uconnect 4C NAV on a 12-inch configurable touchscreen; it could residence a single application, including the navigation map, across the entire 12-inch screen, or is often divided in half. An toggle switch bank offers physical handle, and redundant HVAC controls are on the two sides in the show. Other center stack patterns use the normal 5-inch show or an 8.4-inch show; all possess a sunglass tray and 12V outlet.

All of the 2019 Ram 1500s have push-button start off, an electronic parking brake plus a redesigned shifter dial.

The center stack was raised and brought closer for the driver, that has almost an inch more seat height along with a new telescoping steering wheel; the guide gear shifter is transformed for less difficult thumb entry.

The new HVAC program has just about 25% additional airflow at reduced noise amounts, with 50% additional airflow in back.

Storage volume has nearly double the interior storage than “the competitor,” with 151 liters of storage volume; the new center console went from 23 to 39 liters, with 12 stroage combinations and optional wireless charging along with a tub significant sufficient to get a 15 inch laptop, in addition to tablet storage for rear passengers. There are five USB ports within the center console (two for rear passengers); 3 of those connect with Uconnect. The 4 inch length gain aided; the two front and rear doors are an inch more substantial on Crew Cab, however the rear door is surely an inch shorter on Quad Cab.

Coupled with the largest cab inside the segment, the second-row features eight degrees of slide-recline with best-in-class leg room of 45.1 inches for passenger comfort and an exclusive Smart Fold center armrest that produces a captain’s chair experience. The four-way adjustable rear headrests include things like a power release-and-drop attribute, offering the driver greater visibility once the 2nd row is empty.

new 2019 Ram 1500 interior dashboard

In the new 2019 Ram 1500 we will find two three-pronged 115-volt AC shops, 1 for each row; a third is utilized in the optional Rambox, capable of dealing with 400 watts for power tools. The brand new upper glove box and locking lower glove box are revised (in Tradesman and Bighorn trims, the upper glove box is definitely an open shelf; on higher trims, the box is covered by a wood and metal accent that could slide upwards). Optional six-passenger, front bench seat setups possess a new toolbox-slide-action lower center stack drawer. Even the door speakers have been moved up for superior acoustics and storage.

A real flat load floor supplies greater rear passenger comfort and usability; designers challenged themselves by fitting an oversized 55-inch Tv box, working with the flat load floor and folding seats. When the rear bench seat is folded, it reveals grocery hooks within the bottom of the seat cushion and 20 liters of space with under-seat compartments; using the fold-out attribute, contained storage doubles, to 40 liters. In the new 2019 Ram 1500, the carmaker manufactured the room offered by moving the subwoofer, and putting the 48-volt battery behind the seats instead of beneath them. Ram Bins on either side on the truck are 5.5 inches longer than about the previous trucks; they can hold bigger items, including as much as a four-inch drop hitch, and also have tie-downs to help keep cargo secure.2019 Ram 1500 specs side 2019 Ram 1500 rear

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