2018 Subaru Levorg WRX Coming North American

Subaru’s official line is that those models sell well, however, typical wagons don’t (the same rhetoric that different carmakers area unit spouting out too). that could be a shame because the 2018 Subaru Levorg WRX hits a sweet spot between the rawness of the WRX and therefore the comfort of an inheritance.


2018 Subaru Levorg WRX Looks

Don’t expect one thing that appears like several of Subaru’s recent concepts; we tend to all grasp they don’t translate into production gloss joined would hope. Yet, that’s to not say it won’t look smart.

My illustrated study builds upon the 2017 Impreza, albeit with additional complete styling. This includes the brand’s hexangular grille and hawk-eye headlights, with a front facial that’s rather more dominant than the Impreza’s. Aggressive side skirts, hood scoop, and sleek wagon profile build it look quick simply sitting still.


2018 Subaru Levorg WRX Boxer Four Cylinder Engine

Currently, the 2018 Subaru Levorg WRX offers a direct-injected and turbocharged a pair of.0 Boxer engine – pumping out 221kW (296 hp) and 400N (295 pounds-ft) of torsion. This comparatively new unit would be ideal to carry over into a new-generation sports wagon.

Sadly for automotive purists, the possibilities of a six-speed manual area unit pretty slim. For those that contemplate CVT’s because the spawn of Satan, Subaru’s Lineartronic CVT is one among the higher ones; with 7-programmed manual-mode shift points, doing a reasonably smart job of mimicking a conventional slushbox.

2018 Subaru Levorg WRX-engined

2018 Subaru Levorg WRX Global Underpinnings and a Firm Grip

As with the all-new Impreza, a replacement sports-tourer would be supported Subaru’s world Platform design. this can yield huge levels in safety, ride comfort and handle attributes. Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, active torsion vectoring and sports suspension can create one fun-to-drive family contractor. Body roll is going to be even below the 50 % reduction figure touted for the approaching Impreza.

2018 Subaru Levorg WRX-interior-design

2018 Subaru Levorg WRX North America Prospect

Fuji significant Industries area unit oral communication no to this version; but that doesn’t mean its ordinal generation plan isn’t in the longer term product coming up with a schedule.

Subaru would profit, as competitors within the yank sports wagon market area unit scarce. VW’s Golf Sportwagen, while similar in size, doesn’t extremely contend. Nor will something from g, Toyota, Mazda, Ford, Honda, and Hyundai – they simply don’t provide wagons within the USA.

With that in mind, ought to Subaru build another GT wagon and what concerning the anomaly 2018 Subaru Levorg WRX name? Soon we’ll see.


2018 Subaru Levorg WRX-redesign

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