VW Golf R 400 Review

VW Golf R 400 Specs

In relation to the “simple” four-wheel drive version of the Golf R, the Volkswagen R GmbH -the Annex performance of German company- has added to the original 100 more horsepower and 70 Nm in addition. The torque now reaches 450 Nm at 2400-6000 rpm

Increasing the power of two-liter Turbo engine derived from upgrading the turbocharger and amending mapping. The weight remained at 1,420 pounds and as a result the Golf R 400, through the six-speed gearbox DSG, accelerates from a standstill to 100 km. / H in 3.9 seconds. The top speed is limited electronically to 250 km. / H.

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VW Golf R 400 Changes

Its aesthetic differentiation mainly focused much more massive domes, which increase the width by 20 mm on each side, as well as new alloy wheels 19-inch and completely redesigned front bumper. The latter has the air separator and carbon fiber elements operating as small fins.

The central horizontal line running through the grille and light clusters (with bi-xenon lamps) are yellow, like the emblem R 400 and brake calipers.

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Rear, -also the anaschediasmenos- guards have new vents and four exhaust tailpipes of R, herein have been two in the center of the diffuser. The image and the wind fill the rear wing, the edge of the roof, combined with red LED light.

Finally, the interior seats are race-bucket with openings for six point belts, and both these and the decoration is covered with Alcantara and ¬ęcarbon

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